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Production Studio

Decticated to film  –  Across genre  –  From Kachinland

Sakse’s latest project, Maran

a feature docufiction film about a 6 year old Kachin girl struggling her identity and loosing her father

Team Sakse

 growing members of directors, cinematographers, actors, producers 

About Studio Sakse

Sakse was founded in 2015 as an independent venture of Doc Arts Asia dedicated to creating a self-sustaining platform for development, production and distribution of Kachin media.


Sakse not only makes films, but we teach all we know to build a generation of film makers in Kachin. 


Behind the sceens

Stories and images from the filming of the film MARAN,

Everyday Kachin

Stories and images from Kachin


Films  –  Shirts  – Stickers  

Where is Kachin and why sould i care?

Kachin is an independent micronation in the foothills of the Himalaya.  Link to ALL ABOUT KACHIN

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Sakse Center

Block 5, Laiza, Kachinland


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